AFTERWARD – You Can Make A Difference

As Covid19 hit and handwashing instructions appeared everywhere, I wondered if it would impact people thriving with food allergies.

Well, it has but not in the ways I had imagined or hoped. Why is it that NOBODY recommends washing hands AFTER eating? Think about it, with some foods, you use utensils, and with others, you are using your hands. Your hand takes food to your mouth, returns to your plate to obtain more. Is your hand touching your mouth?

After you are finished eating, everything you touch can become contaminated with food particles and germs. If you have food allergies to manage, these invisible traces of allergens can cause an allergic reaction for some people.

Yet, sign after sign, written blogs, and instructional videos never mention the thought of washing hands after eating. Wouldn’t not washing after eating spread germs? How comfortable are you sharing a bag of chips with someone reaching their hand in the bag? What if someone is eating and breaking fresh peanuts and doesn’t bother washing their hands when they are finished?

Here’s what the experts say as to when and how to wash our hands. Please follow these tips AND add in Handwashing with soap and water AFTER you eat meals or snacks! Hand sanitizer is useless against the spread of a food allergen, although helpful for killing germs.

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Please Wash Hands AFTER Eating.

For our family, washing our hands afterward is just as important as washing hands before eating. You can make a difference in helping families with food allergies simply by washing your hands after enjoying a meal or snacks. This can make gatherings and events much safer and easier for those managing food allergies.


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