Content Tip – TWO words to make a difference

Did you grow up hearing “use your manners,” which included being asked to leave the dinner table, saying please and thank you. These things are underappreciated too often today, so when you use them in your content, it can make a difference. Another even more meaningful way to connect with your audience is by speaking in the second-person singular.

You may have 40,000 followers, 4,000, 400 or 40, and it doesn’t matter as the ones that are tuned in and reading or listening at any given moment are unique individuals, not just another number on your marketing strategy.

Powerful Content Tip – Use These Two Words


Whether you are recording a podcast or writing a blog, remember using “You” and “Your” helps add connections that we are all longing for during these times when our minds are so troubled.

Podcasting is one of the most personal and intimate mediums to reach your audience. Listeners have SELECTED your content intentionally and are ready to hear what you have to say. While choosing a blog to read is similar, listening to a podcast provides a more powerful way to get your topic heard.

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Difficulty connecting with your audience?

Remember to keep it personal and say YOU! As we seek more connection during these challenging times, nobody wants to read or listen to an “I,” “Me,” and “My” story. We need connection and want to hear how it will help us and make a difference.

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