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Welcome to my home on the web!

I’m Trina Daniels and wear many hats! I am a content writer exceeding any client’s expectations, keeping up on household chores, taking on new projects, loving being a mom, embracing the joy and struggle of home education, and keeping a happy marriage. I find myself in the day-to-day trenches of life where I juggle things and do my best to thrive during these times, just like you.

Working From Home
There are times I want to let the kids sleep late so I can keep working! Mornings and late at night are where I wear my Content Writer hat, my dedicated client time. Sometimes, I grab an extra cup of coffee with my husband to continue our great conversations as we solve the world’s problems.

I am an experienced copywriter with a marketing background. I love providing content that makes a difference to like-minded clients. If dogs, horses, senior living, elder-care, special needs, parenting, marriage, faith, family, baby boomers, podcasting, and reaching multiple generations are of interest, I might be the best writer for you. While I can research any topic, these things are in my wheelhouse and require less research time, which saves you money.

My writing style is friendly and engaging. Content is always original, proofread, and delivered on time without excuses.

Homeschool Family
Many of you are suddenly providing home education. Our homeschool can flourish when we put thoughts and actions to it intentionally and with plenty of TLC and patience. I am an experienced homeschool mom and cannot imagine not being able to cultivate a plan slowly and not being prepared with having shelves filled with books, art supplies, games, and educational resources.

There are many moments of unstructured play and time spent outdoors with nature that gives children opportunities to learn, grow, develop, create, and think. Providing home education is as much about the parents as it is about the children. We need to be committed and patient. We never arrive and enjoy teaching your children or learning with them during this time. Manage the stress, discover that busyness is not a badge of achievement, and help your children learn at home. Watch for my list of Homeschool Resources. Some are free, and others are not. Our kids do not need to fall behind. They could even thrive! Don’t give up!

home education, homeschool help, homeschooling mom, homeschool mom, homeschool family, unit studies

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