Thank you for making a difference and making the world a better place!

As a member of the senior living industry, you are making a difference. You’re helping individuals and families find peace of mind and live happier lives. And you’re making the lives of the Alzheimer’s patient’s and the elderly better, too, by providing them ways to connect and stay safe.

No doubt, that’s why you love working in the senior living and elder care industry. I bet there’s no other industry you where you would want to invest your time and talent.

I know you are busy! On top of everything else you have to juggle, there are a million marketing pieces to write — social media postings, blog posts, materials for the upcoming trade show, web copy, email campaigns, and more. But the last time you checked, there were still just 24 hours in a day, and you don’t want to spend all of them working.

How would you feel about delegating some of those things to a professional copywriter with years of experience and a unique understanding of the senior living and elder care industry?

If your answer was “INCREDIBLE!” (or maybe just a sigh of relief) – I have two words for you: LET’S TALK!

As a copywriter and content writing specialist, I help the senior living, and elder care industry professionals like you inform others about your services, connect with customers, and grow your organization all while freeing up some of your time to do other important things.

I’m easy going and don’t get offended if you want revisions to the copy. I understand your voice matters, and I welcome your feedback so I can make the project “sound like you.”

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I’d love to begin a conversation to discuss your needs and goals, and how I can help you achieve them. We can communicate via email or phone to discuss your project and how I can help.

I can help you make money and change lives.