Copywriting Specialties

  • Digital Content Creator – Copywriter

Aside from digital content creation, I am an animal enthusiast and advocate, a podcaster, and I enjoy creating art, listening to music, hiking, and nature. I’m an award-winning and published author with a background in marketing. I love my life because I get to share it with my fantastic husband, our two incredible sons, and pets. My photography has also won awards so I continue it as a hobby I love and our sons are learning it and succeeding at it too. We choose to live simply, hold onto and practice faith, and keep family first. I enjoy time with my family and friends, recycling, and repurposing. We are a homeschool family finding joy in the journey as we navigate a life that gets messy.

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My Life

Personally, I know we were not meant to live life alone. It takes a village and we all need people in our lives who will support us, celebrate with us and grieve with us. Authentic family and friends are those who are with you through it all. Sometimes isolation hits during times of grief or in times of being a family filled with quirks. When people don’t understand something, it’s typical to walk away. Those that stick around learn some valuable life lessons and get to experience the joy. What is normal anyway? The pandemic has impacted all of us in one way or another. Hang in there!


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Marrying my hubby, Marty Daniels is the best decision I have ever made!