SEO Copywriter FAQs


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How do you handle revisions and feedback?

I handle revisions and feedback collaboratively. Content is typically subjective and if I’ve said yes to being your copywriter, I’m sure you’re not going to ask me to write things that are against my belief system. If you are wanting something revised, I’ll get it done timely and ask for any clarification if needed. 

How do you ensure that the content is SEO friendly?

As a copywriter, I take a number of steps to ensure that the content I create is SEO-friendly. Some of the specific strategies I use include:

  • Researching and identifying relevant keywords to include in the content.
  • Once I have identified the appropriate keywords, I incorporate them naturally into the content, rather than stuffing them excessively or in a way that disrupts the flow of the writing.
  • Optimizing headlines and subheadings: I pay special attention to the headlines and subheadings of the content, as these are often given more weight by search engines. I make sure to include relevant keywords in these elements.
  • I RECOMMEND incorporating both internal and external links into the content as appropriate, as this helps to improve the credibility and authority of the content in the eyes of search engines.
  • Finally, I make sure that the content is well-structured and easy to read, as this helps to improve its user experience and can also boost its ranking on search engines. This includes using short paragraphs, bullet points, and other formatting techniques to make the content more visually appealing and easy to scan.

Do you have experience writing for a specific industry or type of content?

Yes, I have experience writing for a wide range of industries and types of content. I have written for industries such as real estate, finance, health and wellness, veterinarian, agriculture, beauty, and many more. This wide range of experience has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of each industry, and to adapt my writing style and approach accordingly.

For example, when writing for the real estate industry, I may focus on highlighting the features and benefits of a property, while also incorporating local market trends and information to appeal to potential buyers. When writing for the health and wellness industry, I may focus on educating readers on various health topics and promoting the benefits of healthy lifestyle habits.

In addition to writing for specific industries, I have also written a variety of types of content, including website copy, blog posts, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, product descriptions, and more. This diverse range of experience allows me to bring a fresh perspective and creative approach to any writing project, no matter the industry or type of content.

How do you handle tight deadlines or last-minute requests?

I approach tight deadlines or last-minute requests in a calm and organized manner, taking steps to prioritize and manage my time effectively in order to meet the deadline. I also communicate clearly with my client to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to gather any necessary information or resources in a timely manner.

In order to meet tight deadlines, I might utilize a variety of strategies, such as breaking the project into smaller tasks or working with a team or assistant. I also prioritize my workload and delegate tasks as needed in order to focus on the most pressing items.

Ultimately, I would prioritize meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work, while also maintaining open and honest communication with my client to ensure that everyone is informed and on the same page. If I cannot make it happen, I will let you know that as well even if it is not the answer you want. However, with that said, I do all I can to get any last minute requests completed with quality and on-time. 

Do you offer any additional services such as social media postings, editing or proofreading? 

Yes, I offer a range of additional services beyond copywriting, including copyediting and proofreading. As a copyeditor, I can help to improve the overall clarity, coherence, and style of the content, as well as correct any errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. As a proofreader, I can provide a final review of the content to ensure that it is free of errors and ready for publication.

In addition to copyediting and proofreading, I also offer social media management and podcast writing services. This includes the creation of social media postings or show notes, titles, and other related materials for your podcast. I have experience in crafting engaging and informative social media for various platforms and show notes that help to summarize and highlight the key points of a podcast episode, as well as compelling titles that draw in listeners and encourage them to tune in.

Overall, I offer a range of services to help clients create high-quality content that is accurate, engaging, and effective.

How do you determine your rates and pricing for projects?

As a professional copywriter, I determine my rates and pricing for projects based on a variety of factors, including the complexity and scope of the project, the deadlines and timeline, the level of research and expertise required, and the client’s budget and needs.

To determine my rates, I take into account my own experience, skills, and expertise, as well as industry standards and market rates for similar services. I may also consider any additional costs or resources that may be required for the project, such as the need for specialized research or the use of certain software or tools.

In terms of pricing, I typically offer a range of options to clients, including hourly rates, flat fees, and retainer agreements, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the client. I also strive to be transparent and upfront about my rates and pricing, and to communicate clearly with clients about the scope and expectations of the project in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page.