6 Favorites From An Experienced Homeschool Mom

Every family has to discover the homeschooling type that works best for them. I reviewed all of them a few years ago and our approach is a little bit eclectic. We have combined what works best for our children to enhance each of their learning styles and help all of us thrive. Our homeschool is a Charlotte Mason and Hygge lifestyle inspired homeschool room, environment, and approach.



    Little Bit Of Everything

I have found so many useful and helpful resources at Teachers Pay Teachers. Some have been for me and my planning and some have been incredible items for the kids! Teachers Pay Teachers has been part of my homeschool plan since the kids were in preschool.

    Homeschool Planner

My favorite organizer has been from Plum Paper. You can even customize it!

    Homeschool Lessons

This has been a long-standing resource that I use year after year. It takes the kids online for activities and games. It also provides me with printables and lesson plans. Education.com is a great homeschool resource.

    Online Homeschooling

I love Time4Learning more than the kids do. I wish they understood what it is doing for their home education. It helps me keep track of where they are, what they need, and more.

    Help With Routines

Most of us do not realize the importance of a visual schedule. The moment you are in a classroom setting, look around at all of the visual cues. Schkidules.com has resources that became essential items for me when the children were toddlers! We still use them in various capacities today.

    Encourage Learning Through Reading

Because reading has been a part of our home and lifestyle forever, Five In A Row seemed like a natural fit. We began it in preschool and continue it today. It brings the books to life and helps us dive into learning even more.

None of these are affiliate links and I am receiving NO compensation. This is simply my opinion and things I have discovered along the way that have helped me as a homeschool mom and helped our children thrive with their home education!

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