Let’s Watch A “LIVE” at home

At Home “Lives” on Social Media

We can watch the content later. Why are we so addicted to catching a “live”? Does it make a difference? Most of the time, we are not participating or interacting anyway, especially if we are watching a live concert or “a live” exercising at home.

My children even want to catch the “LIVES” at various aquariums and zoos which are now offering live programming. So, we have a great problem of choices to make. However, someone is typically upset with the choice that is made.

Since we cannot control the current pandemic situation we are enduring, it is important to control what we can and to let our children have something to control too. It’s important for each person to feel valued so even if it is little things, make sure everyone, including yourself, gets to make some of the decisions while we are staying at home.

A child’s eyes can light up simply from saying YES to them. If it is possible, add saying YES more often right now since children are incredibly out of control right now. Let them make some of the menu choices, movie choices, and activity choices during each day.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes I actually get overwhelmed because I have so many choices to make in a day. I welcome additional opinions and letting someone else make a choice.

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