Chasing The Wrong Friends

Have you ever thought she was your friend? Maybe it was the friendly smile, the hug every time she saw me or the invitations to birthday parties and gatherings. I do not know why I chased the wrong friendships for so long. It became obvious she had no interest in being a friend – eventually.

I don’t regret the time I spent with her and her family. It was fun because I felt accepted. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way, it was just obligatory for some reason. There’s not friendship and no interest in knowing me, my family, or staying in communication.

I do regret that I didn’t see it sooner. I regret chasing the wrong friends time and time again. I could have spent that time investing in a hobby, reading, self-care, or another friendship that could have been mutual. I’m not talking about a spouse or significant others in this blog. It’s the people I thought were more than an acquaintance only to find out the relationships should have stopped there.

It’s the people with a friendly personality who are all smiles and I’m drawn to them only to be promised “play dates” for our children or to be promised “coffee dates” at some other time. These times never happen and calls and texts are not returned. It’s been a hard lesson to learn not to chase the people that have no genuine interest in being part of my circle.

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