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Planning ahead is an essential aspect of your search engine marketing efforts. A well thought out editorial calendar can lead to better quality content because there is ample time to research, develop and implement content that matters.

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What is Content That Matters?

Quality content is the creation and sharing of information and media with the intention of providing services, products, and information that answers questions and solves problems to obtain customers. Quality content can be blogs, e-books, emails, videos, newsletters, white papers, infographics, case studies, guides, articles, podcasts, photos and more.

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Content that matters is what your target audience needs to hear, see and find about you, your services or your products at the right time and in the right location.

Plan Ahead

Working with a professional content marketing provider can take some pressure off of you with the task of planning ahead. Many people discover that keeping up on quality content requires more effort than they thought, and even though it may initially look easy, there’s a lot of steps to be sure the best job possible is completed for the success of your search engine marketing plans.

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Holiday Content

It takes planning ahead of time to come up with quality content that is timely and seasonal. This type of material is in demand in search engines and is more likely to be shared.

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Apparent holidays to plan for include Christmas and New Year’s. However, there are others where you may be able to add answers or solutions to the most outstanding topics or questions people are searching for in google during specific times of the year. Executing your marketing strategy will help you gain all of the opportunities that are available throughout the year and not just on the major holidays that nobody forgets about or misses. Quality content is not just for startups; it can set you apart from your competition.

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A content marketing professional can

  • Help you identify your target audience
  • Research and locate the best keywords for your content throughout the year
  • Brainstorm topics and themes utilizing keyword research to provide content that matters
  • Aim content at reaching specific goals such as lead generation, increasing product sales and showcasing your business.
  • Plan your 2019 content calendar

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Organized and Consistent Content That Matters

Adequately executed content that matters is a great way to grow your business. This means your content will be consistent and will utilize keywords at the right time. When you hire a content provider, they will help ensure the projects stay on task so you can finally get all of your content creation projects organized and completed successfully. Let me help you win with consistency because everybody knows failing to plan is planning to fail.