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One of the services I provide is social media veterinary posts. I write various social media posts for many service industries including:

  • real estate
  • medical facilities
  • insurance
  • family entertainment
  • pet industry
  • and more

I write slogans, newsletter articles, blogs, bio’s, website content as well as monthly social media postings.

Since I previously worked in the pet industry, I know a few things about animals, pet owners, and how to communicate about what is important. I’m also an animal enthusiast and advocate.

The pet industry can include:

  • veterinarians
  • animal hospitals
  • emergency veterinary services
  • dog groomers
  • pet resorts
  • horse boarding
  • pet sitters
  • equine recreation facilities
  • horseback riding
  • dog boarding
  • pet retail stores
  • pet rescue groups
  • pet industry groups
  • pet brands
  • and many more

Because of my experience with pets and in the industry, I am able to write content which is authentic, natural and engaging to your clients.

The social media management I provide makes it super simple for a busy pet industry organization to stay social. When they decide to hire me for their social media management, I provide engaging content which is less expensive than them hiring an employee to do it. They also have consistent posting they can count on which works out better than giving their already busy employees one more thing to get done on time. When things get busy, emergencies happen, vacation and illnesses take place the first thing to get pushed aside is often the social media postings.

The social media management I provide is zip code exclusive so we’re sure I’m not doing the social media posting for numerous clients in one city. It’s just an easier way and keeps any conflict of interest out of the way.

If you’d like quality content provided for your pet-related business, contact me to get started with an affordable social media management solution. Most of my clients select 20-30 social media postings per month posted on several platforms along with 2-4 blogs of 350-500 words.

Nobody will ever know you’ve outsourced your social media in the United States unless you tell them! Everything is “ghost-written”.

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