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I love writing and enjoy writing engaging blogs and social media posts for my clients. Most of the time I am in the role of a content provider to the pet industry and other service industries. In my spare time, one of the things I enjoy doing is gardening.

As spring arrives, I get really excited about gardening. I’m especially looking forward to growing herbs to enhance all the dishes I love cooking. The taste of fresh herbs adds so much to an otherwise ordinary meal.

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This year, herbs, tomatoes, sunflowers, pumpkins, and potatoes are my focus! We’ll see how it goes over the next few months.

Two herbs that I want to master growing are cilantro and basil. They seem to be the two favorites that I buy all the time and also run out of most frequently.

I want to grow a variety of sunflowers. I’m not an expert, but it’s also not my first year growing them. We want to be able to roast them and make a delicious creamed “butter” out of them to put on fruit and sandwiches. With a peanut allergy in our home, this is a great replacement for peanut butter. The amount that we can make this year won’t replace the amount we need so we’ll still be buying Sunbutter in the big tubs. However, in our experience, once we tasted fresh “butter” made from roasted sunflower seeds, it just makes us want more! It is fantastic. I’ll share the recipe as fall approaches and as we’re able to be in the kitchen creating our own “butter” from roasted sunflower seeds.

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I tried growing potatoes once and failed at it. I’m going to research, study and work toward growing three varieties this year. Here’s hoping I am successful!

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I write about a variety of topics including but not limited to gardening, pets, family, parenting, homeschooling, hygge, and faith. If you need a casual writing style that is original and will pass Copyscape which is written to your specific needs and targeted toward your target audience, please contact me for an affordable rate with quality work and on-time delivery.