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When I worked in corporate America, I remember sitting in a room with two other individuals from the marketing department. We found it amazing that the three of us were in a quiet room with plenty of food and drinks brought into us several times daily. All we had to do was brainstorm different ideas and present the very best.

We were developing content for everything from catalogs to brochures to packaging to instructions to client promotions to correspondence to online. The content had to be appealing, and the products we had to work with were far from exciting. It was air conditioners, furnaces, and their parts. I was young and in college, working full-time and experiencing my first successes in corporate America.

As a freelancer, I provide content for many different projects. I’m always so excited when there is a winning situation where my content is exactly what the client needs. I’m always horribly disappointed when my work is not what the client really wants. It is important for me to ask the right questions and also for the client to discover what type of writing they need for their audience.

Tips to select your perfect writer for your project:

Some content needs include product descriptions, ads, brochures, instructions, packaging, slogans, social media posting, articles, blogs, and so much more.

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Do you need a technical writer who understands apps and software development?  Maybe you need a creative writer for a blog? If the content you need is for B2B, it is a more serious and sober tone. If it is B2C, it is a relaxed and fun tone. These are not transferable as you must use the proper tone for the appropriate audience.

There are many different titles for the same thing. Ignore the title and look at samples of past work. You’ll be able to tell a lot more after reviewing samples. Do you like the flow of the content? Is the tone appropriate for your audience? It will help you determine if this is a writer to give a try that might be a perfect fit for your team.

Does the writer do research to learn about the topic or are they already familiar with the topic? Do they use keywords you provide? Is an understanding of SEO important? Does the content provider research keywords?

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Communication needs to happen at the beginning before assigning or starting a project. If you have guidelines, discuss them in detail before beginning a project.

Think about what you want and need before you start your search for a content provider. It needs to be a perfect fit for you as well as for the writer to create a winning situation where the writer can deliver stellar content, and you will know that you have found the writer who is a perfect fit to deliver content to represent you, your product, organization, cause or business.