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It’s just right

Goldilocks and the three bears

Remember the story of “Goldilocks and the three bears”? It’s on my mind today as a freelancer looking for content creation opportunities where everyone is on the same page, and it’s a winning situation for all. Goldilocks had to try it all out until she found the chair, soup, and bed that was “just right.” Most of us don’t live in a fairy tale or storybook, yet we are always searching for “just right.”

Just the right stuff

We have been downsizing for awhile now preparing to live in a tiny house. The plans and preparations continue to be made slowly. I’ve been putting even more thought into all of this. I greatly dislike the term downsizing. It sounds like we’ll be doing without something or that we’re giving up something we want or need. It is not the case at all. We are eliminating clutter, storage and keeping items which have a purpose or bring joy. We are selecting the right items to have around us. I am confident just the right stuff will be packed into boxes and moved when the time is right. The rest will be eliminated through eBay, online sales and by making donations.

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Just the right size

While tiny is great and I know I could do tiny, I do not want a tiny house on wheels. I’ll take an RV and enjoy traveling for extended periods of time in an RV, but when it comes to our home, I don’t want it to be on wheels. I am confident 400-600 square feet could work. I am also confident 600-1000 square feet would be easier. In my opinion and for our family, I want to focus on just the right size instead of the label for the house. I want to it to be the just the right size for our family where we aren’t spending so much time with upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning. I’m unable to determine the exact square footage, but whatever we decide, it will be just the right size whether it gets classified as tiny, small, a cottage, a single family, a starter home, a condo or a cabin.


Just the right location

It seems like common sense to repair and renovate my gramma’s old property because of my fond memories of her. Also, financially, it’s a good idea to improve and revitalize the small home. It is still standing and a major fixer upper. It sits on a small piece of land which needs attention, fencing, a driveway, and landscaping. There is spring water, a well, and a septic system. We’ve dreamed of bringing it back to life, living in it and enjoying life there in that small community. The area doesn’t have what we need, want or wish for in a community. We would be driving a minimum of 30 minutes for anything and everything and typically 90 minutes to get to things we need, want or wish for in a community. Suddenly, the financial benefits seem to be rushing away and it maybe better for us to decide on just the right location based on what we need, want or wish to have near us, around us and in a community.

Just the right work

We all want just the right work, results and projects too. I strive to find long term clients offering ongoing work. Working situations have to be win-win for everyone. I have been a full-time freelancer since October 2011 and do my best to locate the right individuals, companies, and organizations who are looking for a freelancer for hire.

Clients also want just the right work as they search for the right freelancer. They want the right price, the right quality, the right content and of course, they want it delivered at the right time.

Just right

I hope we can all be a little bit like Goldilocks and find everything that is “just right” for our lives. It sure does make life go a bit smoother and obstacles a bit easier to manage when we have as many things as possible in our lives just right.