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Gotta love my girl, Miley

It started this morning with my furry girl, Miley. I started to take her out, and she comes to a sudden halt as she sees the rain out the back door. She then runs to the front door. I open it and show her there’s rain there too. She looks back and forth for a minute and then darts out and quickly takes care of business. Miley came back in and has looked out the windows and doors a few times but has not asked to go out again. This dog doesn’t appreciate the rain coming down or the results of a wet ground.

I admit it and agree with Miley. Rainy days make me feel gloomy, and I could just sip hot coffee, iced coffee, Chai tea or hot chocolate all day long. I could stay in warm and comfortable clothes all day long too. However, my life doesn’t work out exactly like that, so I have to face the rain.

Feelings come and go

We all have good days and bad. When you’re not in the mood to do your work, most of us have to do it anyway. We still have to provide excellent service or products despite how we are currently feeling. As a writer, I have to continue writing even when I don’t feel like writing. Sometimes, great work comes when I force myself to sit down, focus and ignore the fleeting feelings. We all have skills and talents which aren’t based on an opinion. They are with us and part of us on our best of days and worst of days. They shine when we are feeling confident and believe it or not, most of the time our talents are shining even when we aren’t “feeling” it.

No room for procrastination

I have written several blogs, articles and social media postings today. Next on my to do list is working on ghost writing an e-book. Rainy day writing without procrastination can happen if you don’t give yourself any other options. I take the writing services I provide to my clients seriously. They count on me to deliver quality content on time, and I rely on them to pay their invoices promptly. There’s no room for procrastination on anybody’s part because we are having a bad day.

(By the way, before I get complaints – I am NOT talking about anyone who has a mental health issue such as depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts etcetera. I’m talking about people without mental problems who simply have good and bad days and those of us who notice the weather impacting our moods. I’m one of those that notice the gray skies and sunny skies.)