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In two weeks, we will be touring tiny houses. I’m so excited to see all the features that can be included in a tiny home. Our sons are looking forward to visiting and climbing into various lofts.

Planning – Designing – Building Our Smaller Home

We are having our tiny house custom designed specifically for our family. The design utilizes every inch of space and is an incredibly functioning layout. We had a professional architect draft an official drawing based off of our wishes, wants, and dreams. Unfortunately, we aren’t the DIY type when it comes to construction, so we’re having it built by the professionals.

The search for a quality and reliable builder or company to construct our tiny house is underway although we are NOT ready to begin the build yet. I’m leaning toward a reputable tiny home company to build our home. I may be tempted to consider an individual builder with the right credentials and verifiable references, as it could save us money.


Major Downsizing for Our Small Home

The downsizing process has been amazing. It was shocking to see how many items we had that were not being used or that had been forgotten. I have quickly discovered that I’m not attached to things anymore. There has been a great feeling of freedom found from downsizing and decluttering. The downsizing process is now becoming a little bit difficult. I have too many mementos, scrapbooks, photos, and BOOKS. Keeping them all is not a good option.

However difficult this downsizing process is becoming for me, I still am still finding it very refreshing. I will not have clutter, and we’ll only have items which are useful, helpful or that bring us joy.

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Benefits Of A Smaller House

Living tiny has many advantages. We are fortunate to place the tiny home on our own tiny piece of this earth, in a “far away land.” While there’s nothing wrong with the tiny houses on wheels, it’s just not what works best for our family.

We are looking forward to living big in our tiny home by “enjoying every sandwich”, growing sunflowers, pumpkins and ideally a vegetable garden. There will be plenty of space for our sons and dog to explore and adventure outside. Living tiny will free up time spent keeping a larger house clean, organizing, caring for and storing items.

Home much does a tiny house cost?

The cost of a tiny house will vary. It depends partly on the size of the tiny house you need. Features and materials chosen will add up and also provide you those creature comforts you desire. Location and labor will also impact the cost of your tiny home. Living tiny doesn’t always require a large mortgage, and some people can move into a tiny home debt free. Most people can purchase a tiny home for 35,000-100,000 dollars. DIY’ers reportedly built and created their own for $5,000-50,000.

Big Dreaming of living in a smaller home

We understand the challenges we are facing and know that changes aren’t necessarily easy. We have worked toward preparing for tiny house living as we’ve continued to go smaller each time we have relocated. The freedom it brings is the best choice for our family. We are looking forward to many more adventures. Life is going to be lived in a big way as we live at least in a smaller home, even if it doesn’t fit the definition of tiny.