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Our attention span keeps becoming less and less. Snackable content is small amounts of information that is easy to read, understand and comprehend.

Does this mean there’s never a need for long content? No, there’s still a need for content to be in-depth and detailed. Sometimes this requires a lot of words and a lot of content. If the content is informative and engaging, your audience will begin by scanning, and hopefully, their attention will be captured, and they’ll enjoy reading an entire 2000 word article.

So, in short, snackable content is an important element of your marketing strategy. It provides important information in a nutshell version which is brief in length. Digital snackable content is consumed while we’re on the go or waiting. Snackable content can be more quickly absorbed by the audience, and accurate quick and short answers can be given. Pictures, infographics, short videos, advertisements, billboards, and social media posting are great examples of active snackable content.

Today, it is not always about the length of content and number of words. It’s about the article being discovered and about the quality of the content to provide what the target audience is seeking. There is still a need for content which is long, engaging and informative. There will always be a need for snackable content too.

I provide short and snackable content as well as long and engaging content. No matter what my writing assignment is or who it is for, my writing style never changes. It is friendly, easy to read and conversational.