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My family had the opportunity to spend time with friends yesterday. One of them was very curious about content writing services and freelance writing. He asked a lot of questions which inspired this blog.

I write

He said so, tell me about what you do. I am a professional content writer. I provide content writing services, article writing, SEO content writing, website content writing, blogs, and various professional content writing services. Some of the site content I provide is for the actual website, and some of it is for bios and slogans. I am a ghostwriter and provide good content writing to many of my clients as well as to marketing agencies for their customers. I am a travel content writer, educational content writer and a freelance writer for hire. I provide article writing services for various uses both online and for newsletters and magazines. I also offer editing, copywriting, proofreading, and many other freelance writing services. I have also written under a pseudo name. My goal is to continue to do more writing using my own name.

My not so typical day

I get up at 6 am on weekdays and maybe 7 on weekends. I grab iced coffee out of the fridge and “Miley” and I spend some time outdoors while she takes care of business. I watch the sunrise with gratitude. I check the garden and sometimes do a little garden work. We are growing a field of sunflowers and pumpkins and of course, the usual vegetables such as tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and beans. We are looking forward to harvesting sunflower seeds this year and making our sunflower seed butter.

I’m back inside and cleaning up to “start” my day. During this time, I get to have a few minutes of conversation with the love of my life and we say nice things to each other and overview the plans for the day. After all these years together, we still love each other, like each other, respect each other and want to spend time together.

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By now, it’s around 7:30 am and I have something to eat beside me, and my computer is on, and I’m going to begin writing for a client. If I happen not to have a customer to write for, I’ll write for one of our blogs. I have about 60-90 minutes before our sons get up. We let them sleep in and stay up later than some people do. It fits our lifestyle and little boys who are this active need plenty of rest.

The children are up by 9 am and we begin our day together. They have breakfast, clean up and play for a little bit. Then we start some home education activities. The boys are learning and developing new skills every week. We are doing year-round homeschooling Monday through Thursday as it is what works best for our family. The kids love creating lapbooks for their adventures and studies.

After lunch, in the summer, it’s pool play or water play. Sometimes, if I have taken on too big of a load or my brain just has a fantastic idea and won’t let me stop, you’ll find me outside writing while the boys are in the pool.

Fridays are field trip days or family fun days where we’re always doing something even if it is board games and popcorn on a rainy day.

I have help for a few hours each day to entertain, provide training, lessons, education or play for our sons. During this time when someone else is here to help, I write some more.

My schedule isn’t perfect. It’s what works for me. So, I don’t work a typical 8-5. I have a flexible schedule. During my ideal weeks, I’m working 20-30 hours a week.


I still write. I’m writing for clients, our blogs or beginning new writing projects because I feel a passion in my heart and must write something. It could be anything from gardening to pets to faith to family to business to small house living to health and wellness to RV travel.

We play hard. We make sure the boys are learning every day, and we make sure they have plenty of opportunities and exposures to many different aspects of living a full life.

Family first.


I do my best to keep customers happy. If someone happens to ask for a revision, I make it happen. I don’t argue about it. I just do it, and I don’t charge them anything else for a change.

I attempt to make sure my clients KNOW my writing style before they hire me. My writing style is friendly, easy to read, conversational and engaging. I know the audience I am writing for, and my original work is targeted to them. I understand influence marketing. I provide SEO content creation and keep a natural flow to it.

My clients know that I proofread my work before delivering it on time. They do not have to hire another freelancer to proofread.

I have been a full-time freelancer since October 2011. I write. I love my life. I provide content writing services and am a freelance writer for hire.