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Tiny home living is more than a trend. More and more people are wanting to live life without a home mortgage loan. We’re so excited to be moving forward to our big dream of living in our tiny home. The tiny home plans have been created. It was truly a family effort with even the children giving their input of what they wanted in their bedrooms and in our tiny home.

The actual blueprints were the easy part. Color and material choices have taken a little more time and consideration. Since we have chosen to move into a tiny house, we get to focus on quality materials to get exactly the look and feel we desire.

Loads of items we no longer need are being donated each month. It’s amazing what we do not need and how much freedom we will experience as we move into our tiny home. I know we’ll have less clutter, less storage and more time for playing! The items not being used are being donated. We worked this morning and have another load ready to donate. Downsizing has been difficult yet there’s something exhilarating about having less stuff around. There are fewer items stored for someday. There’s less clutter on shelves. I am sure I still have many tough days coming as I make decisions on what is actually going with us. Some of the items are no brainers and other mementos will be tougher. I just have to remember if it isn’t bringing joy or serving a purpose, do I really need for it to take up valuable space in our tiny home?

We are currently looking for the perfect piece of property to place our tiny home. There are all kinds of tiny homes and all sorts of definitions. I’m not sure if ours will qualify as tiny, little, mini, cottage or small. Whatever it is, it is perfect accommodations for our family at an affordable price where we can experience freedom in many aspects of life.

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Donating items – Dreaming Big of Tiny House Living