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It’s so important to create a Happy Home!

Here’s another really old article that I wrote about two decades ago. It has been published in a couple of publications. I hold the copyright. I still agree with this decades later.

Sometimes we treat strangers better than we do our own spouse and children living in our own home. It is easy to be friendly to a stranger. It’s easy to be kind and loving to people you only casually see. It takes some real effort to be kind to be your loved ones sharing your home who you see at their best and worst.

During a recent grocery trip, I noticed a couple being loud and they were within two feet of me. I purposely tried not to look. It’s like an accident, and I ended up glancing. As I glanced, I saw him grab a box of pasta from her hands and put it back on the shelf. He then angrily and quickly marched on ahead of her. She put her head down and followed.

I continued to pass this couple numerous times during this shopping trip. I even tried to linger too long in some aisles hoping to get away from them.

They were so loud as they shopped for food. This couple was hateful and mean-spirited with each other.

She was yelling at him telling him he wasn’t buying a particular bag of chips. I heard her call him stupid, fat and loser.

I saw him shove her, address her as “hey ugly” and “woman.”

They were also “dragging” two little kids around with them. These kids were fighting with each other, being called stupid and being “dragged.”

If that is how they act in public, what is going on behind closed doors?

When is it ever acceptable to be degrading to each other? How did that become acceptable?

How do we treat the people in our house?

Do we still say Good Morning and Goodnight? Are we polite? Do we treat a stranger on the street better?

It is easy to neglect and take for granted the people living in our house.

Happy Home

They are the ones we love and cherish the most. Shouldn’t we build each other up instead of tear each other down? Our home should be our sanctuary, a place where we are encouraged, loved, restored, resting and built up.

Although a very old article, it is still relevant today.