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Here’s an old article of mine from the late 90’s or early 2000’s. It was published in various places. It was written when the online community was around.

If There Were More Marriage Care, Would There Be Less Divorce Care?

Divorce Promotion

We live in a society that promotes divorce. We even see churches that don’t respect marriages or even women. I have even seen churches seem to encourage divorce almost as much as the rest of the world.

Divorce promotion includes painting a picture of freedom, starting over, more benefits of all different types of being single or even a single parent. We see it promoted subtly as well as in very outspoken methods. We live in a society that mocks marriage.

Divorce rates are soaring, even in the church. They continue to soar everywhere, among all demographics and for a variety of reasons which includes finances and infidelity. Adding busyness, porn, kids, and people around us who disrespect marriage doesn’t help any.

There is a large number of churches that focus on children’s church, youth groups, men groups, women groups, “MOPS” groups, small groups and divorce care. These things are wonderful and great. However, there is something wrong when other things take priority over our marriages.

Marriage Protection Thoughts

Is it necessary to attend church every time the doors are open and to participate in every group available?

When is there time to be a husband? Is there time to be a wife? How can we make time to focus on each other? When is there time for a meaningful conversation? Do we make time to have fun together?

I believe there should be more Couples Groups and Marriage Care groups. Why do we wait until the marriage is in crisis and then seek counseling? We typically wait until after a divorce and then attempt to heal and recover. What is wrong with taking some preventative steps?

If couples were encouraged in their relationships, would there be a need for less divorce care?

If you are divorced, I am glad there are divorce care groups available for you to attend.

I have to wonder, If there were more Marriage Care available and promoted as a preventative, would there be a need for less Divorce Care?

While this article was written over about two decades ago, I find it still relevant today.