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One of my favorites hobbies is seeking and finding items of all types to reuse, recycle or repurpose. Some of the items are kept for myself, our home, my hubby, our children, turned into gifts for family and friends and some are resold for a profit.

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Getting a Great Deal at the Flea Market or Thrift Shop

Are you already planning your next trip a flea market or a thrift shop? Then you’ve come to just the right place to get all the inside information you need to make sure you get great deals from your trip. And if you don’t have an immediate trip planned, still read on, there’s definitely something for you here too. Here are a couple of tips for you to get the deal of your life from your next visit to a thrift shop.

  1. Get there early

It’s a known fact that the best deals get done at antique shows and flea markets at the parking lot while the trucks are being unloaded. You get to peruse the items and make an offer before anyone else and you just might be able to spot an item of high value or excellent quality.

  1. Go equipped

Think of your trip as a treasure hunt and go prepared accordingly. Go along with simple tools that will aid you in discovering the most valuable items and not fall for valueless items. You can go with a folding shopping cart while wearing comfortable clothing and carrying a magnifying lens especially if you are interested in antique jewelry. A magnet will also help you in discerning if a ‘silverware’ is real silver or painted-over steel, as real silver won’t get to stick to the magnet unlike steel or iron will.

After making your purchases at the flea market, when you get home, ensure you clean up the items you purchased and polish those that need polishing. Restore them back to the best condition possible and then you have a great item for your home or you can get to sell them for profit. If the item cannot be restored, painting it, upcycling it or even repurposing it can let you have a great item for yourself or to sell for profit. There are many places online where you can sell your item or you can sell locally in your community.

I believe reusing and repurposing items helps us do our part in keeping waste from the environment.